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the meek and small

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time space continum




bill // aspartamania // bifta bill. what else is there to say, oh lead guitar of theimmigrants
vix // asphyxiated_ // my personal Betty Page
teddy // no_offenc // is a drum machine.
haz // offbeat69 // is offbeat. cool hair. nice car
jen // kusiemski // my mad manchester friend.
matt // shniggit // sean's mate. he gave me my code!
sean //shitty // Pleb, had strange veiws, i read his post to laugh at him.
martin // unsure_course // my personal pin cushion
kev // captainbeefcake // my ex flyering bud
stevo the skank // skanky_mcstevo // stevo mchair more like
vikki // i_aint_emo // aww, my little emo kid
craig P. sinkair // sinklair // ian curtis

myvitriol // will they split? will they die? who knows?

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2 many djs, air, air guitar, aphex twin, austin powers, basement jaxx, bass, beck, bjork, black, black and white photos, blondie, bondage, candles, cannibal corpse, chalks, chicken, christianity, crayons, daft punk, daisy chainsaw, dancing, dancing like a monkey, david bowie, dexy's midnight runners, disco punk, documentary photography, donuts, drum n bass, erotica, ewan mcgregor, expressionism, expressionist art, expressionists, eyes, fantasy, fingers, flamingo 50, fluff, fluffing, fluxus, gigs, glitter, green things, hair, har mar superstar, hoo yar!, horror movies, hot hot heat, ice cream, impressionism, industrial, inner city sumo, inxs, jeff buckley, jennifers, jennoi, jennys, joy division, katie jane garside, la bateau, lapsus linguae, led zeppelin, liquidation, live music, madness, mark rothko, massive attack, mclusky, mr scruff, mud fights, my alter ego, my leather, my vitriol, mythology, nan goldin, nipple piercing, nipples, offbeat, pale skin, phoenix nights, photography, piercings, pink grease, pixies, placebo, pringles, prodigy, radio 4, red, red paint, roy lictenstein, run lola run, safety pins, scrapbooks, self portaites, sex, shadows, shiny disco balls, silent movies, ska, snow, social documentry, som wardner, soulwax, space, spaced, spiderman, spiders, splodge rock, squarepusher, star wars, stars, t'internet, tank girl, tanks, teardrop, the cure, the immigrants, the masque, the rapture, the sex pistols, the sky, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the specials, the young ones, trainspotting, trees, tubeway army, voo, water fights, withnail & i, wolfgang tilmans, yeah yeah yeahs, zines, ~*~, ,